"Your security our commitment"
- is not just a slogan, it’s our guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Security

What areas do you provide services in?

Sittal Training & Security Service Pvt. Ltd is a national company and as such we provide security services nationwide.

Do you sell, install or provide support for CCTV and/or alarm systems for residential properties?

Yes we can. Just contact our headquarters in Pokhara and we will do our best to accommodate you. Some brands of Alarms Systems may require specific codes or documentation in order to meet your requirements, however we will request all the pertinent information from you (or if you are unable to provide it, we may be able to source it from a supplier/manufacturer) before a booking commences.

Can you provide security service for special events e.g. birthday parties?

Yes we can. Just be prepared as our staff will ask a few questions regarding the booking.
Examples of some of the question you may be asked:
How many people are you expecting?
What will the average age of the attendees be?
Will there be adult/parental supervision? (appropriate for where minors will be attending)
Will there be alcohol available?
Location Type? (Private residence or a hall, function centre, rural property etc…)
Will there be a guest list available to our Security Staff?
Date, location, start-time and finish-time?